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fake feather [video/action] FOURTH WALL EVENT; backdated to afternoon
the hell you think i am? santa claus?
[Despite the city being covered with snow, the streets of Ecruteak are buzzing with life today -- which shouldn't be much of a surprise, given how many unexpected guests this world is having! Among those, several kids have appeared, and can now be seen playing in the snow... until Crow comes into view, at which point the children immediately run up to him, somewhat devilish smirks on their faces.]

Hey, Big Brother Crow! Play with us!

Yeah! Let's have a snowball fight!

Are you kidding? There's no way Big Brother Crow could fight all of us! We'd win before he even knew it!

Mhmm! No way we'd lose!

[... If Crow wasn't willing to accept the challenge before (which is unlikely anyway), he sure is now. He looks kind of irritated with the implication he could lose to kids, frowning and letting out a huff.]

Ha! As if the great Crow the Bullet-sama would ever be defeated by a bunch of brats-- MFPH!

[... Yep. He just got cut off by a snowball hitting him in the face.]

That's 1:0 for us!


--That's it! This means war, and you're not getting away!

Is it okay, though? It's not fair when your arm is injured...

Keh! One hand is more than enough to take out all of you brats, just you waaaaAAAAAHHH!

[And that's when four more snowballs meet their destination with deadly precision.]

[ooc: Feel free to join the fight! Passersby, be careful, as you may get hit by a stray snowball. [info]The kids will be tagging with their collective account, and they're color-coded for your convenience!]

46th feather [viceo/action]
this will end well, crow used PAYBACK
[Surprise, surprise -- it looks like this time, the feed does not come from a hospital! In fact, it's not Saffron -- if you're familiar with the city, you'll probably have no trouble recognizing the area in question as Ecruteak, which can only mean one thing: Crow is back in Johto! And he seems to have learned his lesson, too, since (as seen in the video) he has a jacket on this time -- even if it's only thrown over his shoulders carelessly, but hey, if you had one arm in a sling, you wouldn't want to bother with putting it on properly either.

Regardless, he seems to be in a really good mood, smiling cheerfully as he looks around the town.]

Finally, good, old Johto! Took me long enough to get here.

[He turns to the camera, now addressing the network directly.]

Bet you've all been feeling like something's been missing from your lives, huh? No worries, it's over now! The great Crow-sama is back--

[Suddenly, he's interrupted by some long, sharp object (that looks suspiciously similar to a bird's beak) cuts the air with a whistle and digs into a wall of a nearby building right next to Crow's head, causing him to drop the 'Gear. After landing on the ground with a clatter, the camera catches a nice view of the poor duelist being pinned to the wall by a very angry-looking Fearow.]

... And so is Sirocco, of course.

45th feather [video/action]
you can't always get what you want
[Ever since the Magnet Train incident, Crow hasn't been picking any calls, mostly due to not... feeling particularly social, which may have not been terribly considerate of him, but hey, we all make mistakes, right? At least now he's finally gonna let people know he's alright!

... "Alright" being a pretty relative term. Because when the feed starts, Crow can be seen sitting on a hospital bed, his right arm bandaged and placed in a sling. Other than that, he's still slightly bruised here and there, has some scratches all over and a plaster on his cheek. He doesn't look happy with it, but who can blame him? It's not everyday that you get involved in a train hijack and fight terrorists on board, after all. But that aside, he's got something else on his mind.]

Hey, Johto? There's something I wanna ask ya. [A pause. He's gotten so used to referring to this place as "Johto" he's almost forgotten where he is right now.] And Kanto too, I guess.

I know some of us have been here for a freaking long time -- some even over a year. [Himself included.] So... do you think the time spent here has changed anything for you?

... Think you've changed?

[The duelist leans back on the bed with a soft and somewhat irritated sigh.]

As for Kanto... the nurses over here are just as much pain in the ass as back in Johto. If not more.

44th feather [video/action]
llama llama JACK?
[Whoa, wait-- it's been cold recently, but could it be that Johto was frozen solid overnight? Fear not, it's nothing of sorts -- it's just Mahogany Gym, covered in ice as always, regardless of the season. As the video starts, it shows the Gym Leader, Pryce, in the middle of his standard dialogue:]

I, too, have seen and suffered much in my life. Since I am your elder, let me show you what I mean--


[...And then there's Crow, who apparently thinks sleeves are for losers and didn't bother to bring any jacket to the gym. The result of this is, not surprisingly, one (1) duelist shivering in cold.]

... Young man, are you alright...?

[Crow huffs in anger, desperately rubbing his arms for some warmth.]

'Alright'? 'ALRIGHT'? Are you fucking kidding me?! It's freaking cold in here! How the hell am I supposed to be 'alright'?!

[... and then he realizes something.]

Say, gramps... aren't you freezing? I mean, if you sit in here all the time, it must be bad for your health! Ever thought of retiring?

'G... Gramps'?

[Pryce looks taken aback by the challenger's... unique behavior, but before he has a chance to respond properly, Crow points at him vigorously with a grin on his face, apparently forgetting about the cold surrounding him.]

Here's the deal, gramps! If I lose, you're free to freeze your butt all you wanna, but if I win, you've gotta leave the gym for at least a few hours! Trust me, it's for your own good!

[The feed cuts off with an image of speechless gym leader.]

[When the video turns back on about 20 minutes later, Crow is already outside... still shivering and covered in snow, because he obviously forgot it's freezing outdoors, too. But isn't that the Glacier Badge pinned to his vest...?]

Crow, was it? I must admit, you were right! Today's weather is perfect for a walk.

[Pryce's voice comes off-screen, so Crow just glares in the direction that came from.]


[ooc: Badge comes with mod approval!]

43rd feather [video/action] backdated to Halloween
[So if you're taking a stroll in Ecruteak tonight -- or alternatively are watching the Network, making fun of possessed people being complete dorks in video feeds -- you might happen upon THIS GUY. Yes, you're not mistaken -- it's a giant cup of instant noodles. All of sudden, it-- okay, he-- points at the random passerby (that may or may not be you), and yells with passion:]


That's right, you there!

[Should the passerby stop, the Cup Ramen Man strikes a pose and continues speaking, his voice a little calmer and more solemn, but still more than a little... intense.]

Have your lips ever tasted anything so hot it has left your insides burning?

Have you ever tried anything of flavor so rich and excessive that it has left you craving for more?

Have you ever wondered where you can find the feeling of true satisfaction?

[He wiggles his finger, a smug smile in its rightful place.]

Well, seek no more, for I am here! Not only that, but I'm also all yours.

Now hurry up and eat me.

42nd feather [video]
[pkmn] herp derp
[Good evening, Johto! Those who chose to check the network tonight may be surprised -- or even startled -- a little, because there is a Psyduck.



Staring right into your soul.

Okay, maybe not so much in a creepy way -- the look on his face says there is very little to none thought process going on in his head, but even so, he must have had a reason to start this feed, right? Yes. Jack the Psyduck has a question to anyone and everyone who can understand Pokémonese or whatever language the creatures speak.]

... What do you get someone you like on your anniversary of being together?

41st feather [video/action]
[Sup Johto, how's it going? Good? Yeah, Crow's been doing pretty well, too, even if he's been kinda quiet recently. Buuut he's not gonna discuss that; instead, you all get to see him sitting on the floor, glaring intensively at a Murkrow in front of him, then at a stone in his hand, then back at the bird.]

Look, the only reason I got this thing is 'cause you tried to steal it. [He waves the stone -- one can recognize it as a Dusk Stone at this point -- in front of the Murkrow's face, pouting like a little kid that he undoubtedly is underneath.] But if we're not doing anything with it, I might as well return it. It wasn't cheap, y'kno-- WHOA!

[Before Crow gets a chance to whine about HOW EXPENSIVE the item was, the Pokémon flies up and plucks the stone out of his trainer's hand. The second he does that, the bird begins glowing with bright, white light, which only stops a moment later, revealing his new form:]

[Crow, whose jaw dropped a little at the whole performance, seems to have gotten over the initial shock, and is now grinning widely at the Honchkrow.]

Now that's more like it.

40th feather [video/action] backdated to like Monday afternoon
hiding anxiety and always looking good
[Does it even surprise anyone at this point when a Psyduck appears on the screen instead of Crow? Regardless of the answer to that, it looks like the duck wants to show you all something and that's why he quickly moves the camera around so now it shows Crow on a square in Goldenrod with a number of kids (ones he's already met some time ago) surrounding him. Apparently, this is the reason behind him sticking in Goldenrod for a little longer than planned, slight moping after a friend's disappearance aside.

... It would seem Christmas came early this year to Johto, as Crow pulls out several Olivine souvenirs from his bag and divides them among the kids, who squeal happily at the gifts and thank the duelist enthusiastically.]

Hey, Big Brother Crow, will you tell us a story this time, too?

[The question was unexpected and the girl who asked it now receives a somewhat stunned look from Crow. No wonder, though -- it feels like it's been ages since anyone called him that.]

... It's okay if we call you that, right?

[A boy's uncertain voice brings Crow back to reality, and he gives the children a cheerful grin.]

Sure! But the story will have to wait until next time; you guys now better hurry home and focus on your homework! I really don't wanna have to face your parents if you brats fail class or something. Got it?

[The kids giggle in response and wave him goodbye. He watches them leave, before turning away with a smile (that for some reason appears a little wry) on his face.]

"Big Brother", huh...

[He lowers his gaze, his expression becoming obscured for the most part.]

... Sorry, everyone, but it looks like Big Brother Crow won't be coming home anytime soon.

[Realizing this has probably never been meant for public broadcast, PsyJack turns the feed off.]

39th feather [video/action]
crow so moe
[Wait, what's that? Is somebody wiping off the 'Gear with something... fluffy? Are they not aware it's recording-- oh, it's just Shura, Crow's Altaria. She seems really excited and as she moves aside to show where she is, it becomes apparent why: it's the Olivine Gym, and it looks like Crow is battling Jasmine! Oddly enough, the music isn't the usual Gym Leader battle theme, but an entirely different tune. Regardless, let's take a look on the battlefield!

Crow's Blaziken has just taken down Jasmine's Magneton (as well as her Skarmory a moment before), so now the leader calls out Steelix... to which Crow responds by, surprisingly, calling Ghibli back and sending Sola, his other Altaria, in his place. Needless to say, such exchange leaves Jasmine a little puzzled.]

Ah... I don't mean to be rude, but are you sure you want to do this? That way, you won't have the type advantage anymore...

Hah! Types and advantages don't matter when you're fighting for bonds!

"Bonds?" [The leader looks rather confused.] I'm not sure I understand...

Back in Ecruteak, I made a promise to my friend that I would make the gym battle in the next city something great! And hell if I'm gonna let her down! 'Sides, a duelist never goes back on his word, y'know! Sola! Fly!

... I see. In that case, I, too, will do my best! Steelix! Use Iron Tail!

[The Altaria soars above the Steelix, who, despite its best efforts, cannot catch up to the bird's speed. Sola manages to avoid most of the iron snake's powerful attacks. Whenever possible, she launches her own attacks, and although each of them does not do much damage on its own, several minutes of this strategy causes the Steelix to become weaker.]

Now! Sola, use Sky Attack!

[The Altaria becomes cloaked with bright light as she hovers over her opponent and finally strikes. The Steelix lets out a loud roar, swaying, before it collapses on the ground, causing a huge cloud of dust to rise.

As the dust clears, two Altarias can be seen... happily dusting Crow off, ignoring his protests and reassurance he's just fine. Meanwhile, Jasmine is in the background, thanking her Pokémon and calling it back into the PokéBall. She then approaches Crow with a meek smile.]

Fighting for a promise you have made to a friend... That's admirable. You are a better Trainer than me, in both skill and kindness. Um... Please, take this badge-- Oh!

[The girl has just noticed the 'Gear is on, but she quickly turns back to Crow and smiles again.]

You friend must be watching you! I'm sure she's very proud.

[Crow glances at the camera and for a brief moment, his smile seems more wry than happy.] Yeah...

[The badge is mod-approved!]


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